Willows Edge began with an idea to do art workshops back in November 2010, and has grown into a counseling agency that includes counseling, creative arts, and helping those who struggle with learning.

I started my career as an elementary and middle school art teacher.  I loved this work, but I wanted to do more to help people, especially the students I worked with.  So, I pursued my Masters Degree in Professional and School Counseling, doing internships at both a middle school and a counseling practice.  

I became fully committed to counseling and have worked with adults, adolescents, and children, treating a variety of problems including addiction, learning difficulties, anger management, and depression.

As much as I love counseling, I realized something was missing – the creativity that started my journey.  I realized that just as I have always used art to work through problems and explore healing and creativity, my patients could also benefit from these methods.  

Counseling is very powerful, and I discovered that the more ways I gave clients to express themselves, the better I could help them find the healing they sought.

Willows Edge is the culimination of this journey – bringing together dedicated professionals who integrate the best counseling techniques with creativity and artistic exercises, in order to deliver personalized treatment plans and roads to healing.  As a practice, we are committed to helping our clients and our community address their problems, express themselves more fully, and ultimately, reach their full potential.

We believe that everyone deserves access to mental healthcare and do everything we can to make our services available to anyone.

Thank you for stopping by, and we hope to see you in the office soon!
Karen Smigelski 



Willows Edge exists to provide the highest quality counseling, educational support, and healing arts programs for all members of the community through our collaborative, co-working environment.
Willows Edge will be the premier center for anyone needing help with psychological, creative, intellectual, physical, social, or spiritual needs.  Our clients will leave with a new sense of purpose and well-being. 
​​ Karen's expertise includes:
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • addictions (substance abuse and gambling)
  • grief and loss
  • educational and behavioral difficulties
  • anger and stress management
  • divorce
  • communication and relationship difficulties
  • working with resistant clients for complex issues

  • Licensed Professional Counselor, since 2004          (Lic. #: 64010009232)
  • Cert. Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor, since 2010
  • Problem Gambling  Counselor w/ State of MI, since 2006
  • Cert. PowerPath Facilitator, since 2009

Karen is available for Individual, family, couples, and group counseling appointments for all ages. 

As an experienced PowerPath facilitator, Karen is also available as an educational consultant to help adults, parents, and children identify and provide interventions for learning challenges.

Karen is a former K-12 art teacher and instructor at Oakland Community College.
​Kayla is available for Individual, family, and group counseling for all ages.  

Kayla also provides art and art therapy workshops.

  • Master's Degree in Professional Counseling/ Art Therapy, Wayne State University
  • BA in studio art, Michigan State University
  • Two years of sign language at MSU
  • Six+ years' combined experience working with disabled adults, children, and their families.​​
Expertise in
  • preteens
  • teens and
  • young adults
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • grief and loss, and
  • trauma
  • ​​Limited Licensed Professional Counselor ​ (Lic #: 640105402)
  • Art Therapist
Shannon is available for individual, couples, group, and family counseling for all ages, including young children.

  • Extensive experience with children from birth - 22 years and their families.
    • Bipolar
    • ADHD
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Sensory
    • ID
    • Autism
  • Extensive experience with adults with mental and physical disability, Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other mental health issues 
  • Expertise in:
    • behavioral issues
    • relationships 
    • depression
    • anxiety
    • trauma
    • PTSD
    • communication difficulties  
  • Therapeutic interventions include  symbolic art and play, cognitive-behavioral, dialectical behavioral, and reality based therapies
  • Spiritual interventions offered on request from a Christian perspective using prayer, Scripture, mindfulness, and guided imagery techniques   
  • Limited Licensed Professional Counselor
  • B.S. Psychology - Christian Counseling
  • Nationally Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
Bryan is available for Individual, family, and group counseling for all ages. 

  • Expertise with
    • preteens
    • teens
    • young adults
    • adult
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • self esteem, and spirituality
  • Utilizes an eclectic approach with emphasis on:
    • cognitive behavioral techniques
    • positive psychology, and
    • solution-focused therapy  
  • Limited Licensed Counselor Intern
  • BA in Counseling Psychology
  • Current Youth Group Facilitator