1. 5,6,7
    Women's Retreat: Let Us Shine!
    Fri: 6-9 Sat: 9-6 Sun: 9-12
    Are you a smart, conscious and caring woman, but feel frustrated or stuck in certain areas in your life? During this retreat you will learn what your feminine power is and how to unlock yours to create the life you were born to live.
  2. 13
    A Day with the Angels
    11am -1pm
    Join Rev. Dianne and Dr. Eric Alsterberg as they deliver messages from the Angels. The Angels call the year 2017 the year of discovery and we will finally step into why we are here.
  3. 20
    WE ECHO: Expanding Connections Healing as One
    Join us at 20 Front Street and spend the day experiencing the healing arts. Proceeds from the concerts will go towards supporting people with PTSD. Concerts performed by local musicians: Scott Louden & Jennifer DeFrayne w/ special guests Jeff Haynes & Sarah Milonvich.
  4. 21
    5k/10k run/walk
    Join the Chamber Challenge at Powell Park in Oxford. A portion of the proceeds will go towards counseling for children who have parents with a history of substance abuse.
  5. 1xMo
    all year
    CreaTeen: Creative Group for Teens
    Teens engage in creative activities and discussions designed to empower, make social connections and build resilience. Topics include (but are not limited to): building healthy relationships, building confidence and dealing w/bullying, coping with stress, trauma and loss, & handing peer issues.
  6. 1xMo
    all year
    PTSD Art Therapy Group
    This group uses the creative arts to help clients work through trauma and PTSD. Through the art, participants are able to express positive feelings, externalize difficult emotions, gain insight into their PTSD symptoms and foster empathy for one another.
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